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I have a calico princeling ren fair monster up for auction over HERE 
check it out if your interested!

Some cute plants because I’m having a bad day

Kenya does pretty much the best sleeping poses

skypunk said: ✄ can you do king thunder please i will dump flowers on you



now i want those flowers


a werewolf patch
and a little alien bug maybe
A toucan I drew last night in my sketch book
A water dragon from the pet store.

I feel like car dealerships are just really weird lemonade stands

More finkx notes

Markings that are common: freckles, speckles, blotches, tattoos, fades.
Finkxes always have some sort of body gradient, the most common is the head and shoulders being a different color than the body. The gradients can be extreme in placement, for example a minor colored point on the front of a Finkxes face, or a major gradient that covers the whole body except for the tail tip and tips of back paws (and sometimes front paws). These gradients only affect other markings in terms of color, lighter markings will still be lighter and darker markings will still be darker, just in a new color to match the gradient.
Finkx eyes can be any color, but are more commonly a darker color than the surrounding body. In more uncommon instances the eye color can be lighter than the surrounding color.
Bi colored eyes are very rare, as well as split markings. It does occur sometimes though but is more prominent in Finkxes with blotchy markings

uuugggghhhh today i do not feel good