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ℜen ℱair ℳonsters
R٥ckets and Jumpℯrs

Idk what type of flowers these are but I want infinity characters decorated wit them hahaha

Venting sketches, another less overwhelming problem I have is I get bad migraines, always the same spot in my head, right above my left eye and sorta on the side… It’s a dull sharp pain like a triangular shape in my head is making my eyes melt out of the socket…. Waiting for class with a headache currently and waiting for stuff to kick in and rid me of it…
Though it would be constructive to put my feelings on paper as a distraction.

My new haircut has given me cockatoo powers

A little late but a picture if the moon I was able to take last night when the eclipse was happening!

Got a haircut, also had been fiddling with my braid and just twisting up the hair while watching a movie and it looked really cool so I thought I’d take a pic.

And then also beach related things

Flowers!!! Flowers everywhere!

recently i’ve been playing neopets again to take up spare time I haven’t been drawing xD
this is my royal kougra I adopted, if anyone wants to friend me or anything my neopets username is ccaatt90

Road runners are cool

Baby mantis on my hand